adjustment Property

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Gets or sets the accuracy adjustment for the clock.



Property Value

The integer accuracy adjustment.


The internal Cell clock should have an initial error of no more than 0.01%, which is up to 9 seconds per day. Positive values for the adjustment property make the clock run faster; negative values make the clock run slower. A single unit change is approximately 1.4 seconds, which would allow the clock to be adjusted to within 0.7 seconds per day.


When a network time server is available, the Cell resets its clock on a regular basis. At the same time, if the clock was found to have drifted, the Cell increments or decrements the adjustment property to reduce the drift. Thus over time the adjustment property is automatically updated to make the clock as accurate as possible.


The values that can be assigned to the adjustment property are limited to a maximum of adjustMax and a minimum of -adjustMax.


This property is retained in permanent (non-volatile) memory.



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