bitRate Property

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Gets or sets the serial data rate.



Property Value

The data rate for serial port n, n in the range 0 - 2.


The serial port is enabled by setting the bitRate property to a positive value. Data rates can range from about 1000 bits/sec (baud) to 1.9 Mbps.


Getting the value of this property returns the actual data rate achieved. This will be within 1% or less of the data rate requested.


Setting this property to zero disables the serial port, allowing the associated pins to be used for other purposes.


Cell.Serial[0].bitRate = 9600;// a common baud rate
Cell.Serial[1].bitRate = 1000000;// 1 Mbps for high-speed communication
Cell.Serail[2].bitRate = 0;// disable the port, free the pins