byteLo Property

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Gets the integer representation of the low byte of a 32-bit float.




The low byte is the byte that holds the most significant part of an integer. It consists of power of two from 0 to 7. It comprises the rightmost 8 bits from a 32-bit float representation.

For example, the bit representation of integer 98 is 00000000 00000000 00000000 01100010. The low byte is 01100010.


There is not a standard order for bytes to be stored in the computer memory or on storage media such as disks. Therefore, having the 32-bit float representation of integers and splitting it into specific bytes (High Byte, Medium High Byte, Medium Low Byte and Low Byte) permits hardware being built so that the Low Byte is stored at the lowest memory address (Little Endian) or the High Byte is stored at the lowest memory address (Big Endian).


var num=98;

Net.write(num.byteHi);   // Returns 98

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