CellScript Simulator - Quick Start

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1. Download and install the CellScript Simulator on your Windows PC.

The installation file can be found at the Downloads link at http://www.patersontech.com/. The CellScript Simulator should start automatically when installation is complete. If not, go to the Start menu and start it. You may be prompted by your firewall to allow the CellScript Simulator to have network access.


2. Display the simulated WebCell home web page.

Go to the Debug menu of the CellScript Simulator and select the Browse Home Page command. The home page of the simulated WebCell should be displayed in your web browser.


3. Explore!

Use the navigation links to explore the web pages of the provided project. These include:

Demonstration pages, which show how to use some of the WebCell hardware features.

Home automation pages, which allow you to control some INSTEON home automation devices. You must connect the WebCell to an INSTEON modem to utilize these pages.


4. Optional for Developers: View simulated WebCell state.

In the Cell State window of the CellScript Simulator, click the symbol next to Port A to expand and display its content. Navigate your web browser to WebCell Demo -> I/O Pins. The source code for the displayed web page, IoTest.ecs, will automatically load into the main edit window of the CellScript Simulator. On the web page, click on the check boxes in the Out column for pins A0, A1, and A2. When you click the Update button at the bottom of the page, the values under Port A in the Cell State window will change, reflecting that the three pins have been switched from input mode to output mode. You can also edit the values in the Cell State window (in binary or hexadecimal), then click Refresh on the web page to see the new values updated on the web page.


5. Optional for Developers: Debug executing script.

Navigate your web browser to WebCell Demo -> Script Demo. Enter small numbers in the Rows and Columns fields on the web form and click the Build Table button. Script in the web page will generate a table of numbers. The Output window of the CellScript Simulator will report "Execution complete", and the Watch Variables window will have the values you entered into the form.


On the CellScript Simulator toolbar, click on the single-step button StepInto repeatedly to step into the script. Variables will appear in the Watch Variables window with their value updated with each step. Look at the Debug menu and the context (right click) menu to find other debugging options, such as setting breakpoints and run-to-cursor. Output generated by the script may be viewed in the Output window by clicking on the NetWrite and/or PageWrite buttons on the Output window toolbar.