CellScript Simulator Basics

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The section explains how to use the basic capabilities of the CellScript Simulator.


Starting the CellScript Simulator explains what to do if you get a message from Windows Firewall or an error message from the CellScript Simulator the first time you start it up.


Open or Create a Project - All functions of the CellScript Simulator require you to have a project open. This topic explains how to get there.


Locate the WebCell on Your Network - You can't find the web site created by the WebCell with Google. This topic tells you how to bring it up.


Updates covers how to update the WebCell firmware, the WebCell web pages, and the CellScript Simulator itself.


Backup WebCell Data to Your Computer - Once you start using the WebCell to run automation chores in your home, you won't want to risk losing what you've told it to do. Always make a backup.


Simulate the WebCell Before Purchase - You don't need to own the WebCell to experience the web site it creates.