CellScript Simulator User Guide

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The CellScript Simulator is a comprehensive tool used to manage and simulate the WebCell embedded web server module. Basic management functions include helping establish the WebCell on your local network and allowing you to update the firmware or web pages on the WebCell. Simulation allows you to give the WebCell a try before you buy it, and for developers, to test and debug WebCell web pages and scripts on your personal computer. The CellScript Simulator runs on Microsoft Windows, versions XP or later. It can be installed by following the Downloads link at http://www.patersontech.com/.


The WebCell is intended to provide a complete home automation solution with its standard web site, no programming required. It is also possible for developers to modify existing web pages or create new ones to extend or completely transform the WebCell experience. The CellScript Simulator offers useful functions for both types of users.

For All Users

The CellScript Simulator provides these capabilities that are valuable for all users:


oLocate the WebCell on your network.

oUpdate the WebCell firmware.

oUpdate the WebCell web pages.

oBackup WebCell data to your personal computer.

oSimulate the WebCell before purchase.

For Developers

The CellScript Simulator provides a complete development environment for the WebCell:


oModify existing web pages.

oCreate new web pages and scripts.

oManage files on the WebCell.

oDebug web pages with CellScript on your personal computer.