Hardware Features

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The WebCell has 20 I/O pins that can be configured in various combinations of the following:


o16 general-purpose I/O pins

o8 analog inputs

o3 serial ports

o1 SPI port

o1 I²C port (also called SMBus or Two-Wire Interface)

o2 pulse-width modulation (PWM) modules with 4 channels each

o4 capture channels that measure frequency or pulse width


In addition, there is a dedicated analog output.

Pin Function Sharing

Nearly every I/O pin on the WebCell has more than one function. However, only one function can be assigned to any pin at a time. Here is a summary of the major conflicts between I/O functions:


Serial port SerialA uses two channels of PWM module PWMB.

I²C uses the other two channels of PWM module PWMB.

Serial port SerialB uses two channels of PWM module PWMA.

SPI and serial port SerialC use the same pins.


More details can be found in the Pin Description table.