Locate the WebCell on Your Network

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From the Tools menu, select the Find Cell command. Your browser should open to the home page of the WebCell.


When you connect the WebCell to your network, it will be assigned a local network (IP) address. When you use the Find Cell command, the assigned address will appear in the address bar of your browser. You can bookmark the address in your browser so that you can return to it without using the CellScript Simulator.

Static vs. Dynamic Address

The IP address that is initially assigned to the WebCell is called a "dynamic" address, because it was created on the fly when the WebCell was plugged into your network. If the WebCell stays connected to your network, it will attempt to keep the same address indefinitely. However, it is theoretically possible for your network to assign a different address at some point. If that happens, bookmarks for the WebCell in your browser will no longer work and you will need to run the CellScript Simulator to repeat the steps for finding the WebCell on your network.


This problem can be prevented by assigning a static address to the WebCell. While we recommend this approach, the one issue is choosing the number to assign.

Assigning a Static Address

You change the WebCell IP address by using your browser to access the WebCell network configuration page. From the WebCell home page, this can be found on the Configuration menu by selecting Network Setup.


Choosing an Address

The IP address that was assigned to the WebCell has four parts separated by dots, such as In selecting a static address to assign, only the last of these four numbers will be changed (the 105 in this example). This number can range in value from 1 to 255. Typically smaller numbers are used for static addresses, and larger ones for dynamic addresses. The very smallest numbers are used for special assignments, such as your router. We recommend trying a number in the range 5 to 29.


To assign a static IP address on the WebCell network configuration web page:


1.Change the last value in the IP address to your selected value.

2.Check the Enable Static IP box.

3.Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.


This will immediately change the IP address of the WebCell. Your browser will be looking for the WebCell at the old address, but it won't find it.


To check if the new IP address is working properly, do one of the following:

Type the new IP address into your browser address bar, or

Use the Find Cell command on the CellScript Simulator Tools menu.


If your browser does not find the WebCell at its new address, you may have chosen a value that conflicts with another device on your network. You will need to revert the WebCell back to a dynamic address.

Reverting to a Dynamic Address

If you are unable to access the WebCell after assigning a static IP address, you can revert back to using a dynamic address.


If you have the WebCell Development Kit:

Press and hold the "SD CHG" button while pushing the "RESET" button.


If you have the basic WebCell:

On the 34-pin WebCell interface, pin 3 (CHG) must be held low while the WebCell is reset. The WebCell can be reset by a low level on pin 2, or by power up. Note that pin 1 is ground, so connecting (adjacent) pins 1 and 3 while powering up will revert to a dynamic address.