Open or Create a Project

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To utilize the CellScript Simulator, you must have a project open. You can tell if a project is open because its name will appear in the title bar. This graphic of title bar shows a project named WebCell is open:




The installation process for the CellScript Simulator creates the WebCell project for you. This project should be opened by default the first time you run the CellScript Simulator.


If you have more than one WebCell, you must have a separate project for each one.

To Open an Existing Project

From the File menu select the Open Project... command. A dialog will open that will allow you to browse to the project file.


Alternatively, from the File menu select Recent Projects. A list of your recently opened projects will appear allowing you to select one of them.

To Create a New Project

From the File menu, select the New Project... command. A dialog similar to the following will open:




Type a name for the project in the Project name box.

The Project location is the default location for CellScript projects. If you wish to use a different folder, you can enter a new folder name in the box directly, or click the small button to browse for another folder.

If you wish to create a project that is initially a duplicate of the standard WebCell project, check the box Create from standard project.

The Web folder name is the name of a folder that will be created in your project that is the "root" for the web server.

You may optionally create additional common folders in your project.