Starting the CellScript Simulator

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The first time you start the CellScript Simulator, the standard WebCell project should open by default. When this project opens, it will attempt to start a web server for the project on your computer. As a result you may get a message from Windows Firewall asking whether to allow or block the CellScript Simulator from network access. You must allow access (unblock) to enable the CellScript Simulator to check for updates or simulate the WebCell.

Port Already in Use

It is possible that you could get an error message from the CellScript Simulator that says the network port for the web server is already in use. This can happen if you already have a web server running on your computer, including another instance of the CellScript Simulator. You can still check for updates when the web server is not running, so if you do not need to simulate the WebCell, it is not necessary to resolve the port conflict.


If you have other software that will normally be running on your computer creating a web server, then you should change the web server port used by the CellScript Simulator. Otherwise, you should close the software using the web server port.


To change web server port, go to the Tools menu and select the Options... command. Select the Web Server tab at the top of the dialog box. Change the Web port value to one of the suggested alternatives, such as 88 or 8080. There is only one impact of setting the web server port to a value other than than the standard of 80: if you want to type a web address (URL) for the simulated WebCell into your browser, you must include the port number in the URL. For example, if the port was 8080 the URL for the automation web pages could be (the actual IP address will be different for you).


To restart the CellScript Simulator web server after closing other software using the same port, go to the Tools menu and select the Options... command. Then simply close the options dialog and the web server will attempt to restart.