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From the Tools menu, select the Update... command. The CellScript Simulator will check for updates to:

the CellScript Simulator itself

the standard WebCell web pages

the WebCell firmware

Update the CellScript Simulator

If a new version of the CellScript Simulator is available, a message box will appear asking if you want to download and install the update. We recommend that you always keep the CellScript Simulator up-to-date by selecting "Yes". If you proceed, the current project will be closed. Then after downloading the update, the CellScript Simulator will be shut down so the new version can be installed.


Once the new version of the CellScript Simulator is installed, you should check for updates again. This is necessary to check for updates to the standard web pages and the WebCell firmware.

Update the Standard Web Pages

If a new version of the standard WebCell web pages is available, they will automatically be downloaded. This step does not update any projects based on the standard web pages. Because updating a project with the standard web pages will discard any changes you may have made to the project, you will always be prompted before a project is updated.


Updating the web pages for a project will only occur when the project is open. If the project that is currently open is based on the standard web pages, you will be prompted immediately to update. Furthermore, when you open another project based on the standard web pages you will also be prompted to update. In either case, you will be given three options:


oUpdate the project immediately with the new standard web pages. You should select this option if you have not made any changes to the project. Any changes you may have made will be lost.

oPostpone updating the project. You will be prompted again next time the project is opened.

oDo not update the project. This options severs the project's link to the standard web pages so you will not be prompted to update again.


Choosing to update the project only updates the image of the project on your computer. To propagate those changes to the WebCell, you must synchronize the WebCell with the project on your computer.


Synchronizing the WebCell

To synchronize the web pages, go to the Tools menu and select the Sync Once command. Alternatively, click the synchronize button Sync on the toolbar.


By default, project synchronization options are set to synchronize all project folders with the WebCell except the data folder. This is because the data folder is updated by the WebCell as you interact with the home automation web pages -- you don't want it overwritten by the data on your computer. See the topic Backup WebCell Data to Your Computer for more information on WebCell data.

Update the WebCell Firmware

A dialog box will be displayed with a list of available updates to the WebCell firmware. We recommend you check the box Only show newer versions at the lower left. If the list is empty with this box checked, there are no new updates available.


If a new update is available, click the Update button. If more than one is listed, be sure the row of the update you want is selected first. Once you click the Update button, the new firmware will be downloaded to your computer, then sent to the WebCell.